SFSGW Studio Workshops

We have been giving classes since 1971 and have taught thousands of people the craft of creating leaded glass windows. Many of our students have continued their enrollment for years and have completed many advanced and technically complex projects.

Our Studio is large enough to accommodate about twenty students in one evening. There are custom built tables with shelves to accommodate the students projects, tools and supplies. There is plenty of space and good lighting. Glass grinders are also available for students use.

The Studio also offers classes in glass fusing. We have a kiln room equipped with three operational kilns, a variety of molds used in fusing, as well as ample shelving for storage of the students’ work in progress.

We teach the traditional old world method of leading glass windows, Our focus is on teaching traditional techniques and skills involved in designing and constructing viable glass art – whether it to be stained glass window panels, lamps, fused bowls, sculptures, etc.

Additionally, we strive to ensure that students enjoy the creative process and experience the personal satisfaction that can result from producing original glass art.

Studio space is available for $65.00 a month for those students who wish to continue beyond the initial six weeks workshop on Tuesday and on Wednesday nights from 7 pm. to 9:30 pm. An instructor will be available to answer questions during this time.